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Finding Your Family History on the Giant Genealogy Websites

Learn how to maximize your use of four of the world’s leading genealogy websites: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast and MyHeritage.

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The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey

Learn how to put the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) into practice to discover the correct path back to your ancestors.

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Vital Events 101: The What, Why, and How

Learn to use vital events to delve more deeply into the lives of the past. Individuals are more than just the dates on a headstone, so this course shows how to add more “behind the dash”.

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Beginning Genealogy: Starting Off Right

Learn the basics of beginning your genealogy journey to make sure you are starting off right. Learn how to start and find records.

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Using City Directories for Genealogical Research: Windows to the Past

Learn to use city (and other) directories to link a person to a place in time and get additional details.

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Crafting Your Memoir: Tell Your Own Story

Tap into your creative muse and walk step-by-step through the fun and exciting process of authoring your own life.

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Researching U.S. Government Records (101)

Learn how to mine the treasure trove of U.S. Government records for genealogy. 

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Popular Courses

The Write Stuff: Telling the Story

Mastering Scrivener (101) - Please check back for updates on this course

Finding Your Female Ancestors

The ABCs of DNA

Using Mirror Trees to Identify Ancestors 


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""Your Write Stuff Seminar empowered me to write my family history. Your gentle guidance and a supportive group helped me see that I am indeed a writer! I appreciated the prompts, and the opportunity to share my work with others. I loved exploring the variety of forms one’s family history might take. You inspired me to express myself and in so doing leave a family legacy. Thank you, Lisa.""

Kathy N.
The Write Stuff: Telling the Story Course

"Thank you for your Mastering Scrivener course. It was a great learning experience and now I am using Scrivener for a variety of writing projects."

Tina W.
Mastering Scrivener (101) Course

""Thank you for this wonderful course! I am so glad you did this course. It’s awesome! I love the platform.""

Vicki Hilb
U.S. Government Records (101) Course

"Recently I used some Cleveland city directories to find the basics I had been searching for -- names, occupation and addresses. But then I took Diana's course and realized how much I had missed by searching only the alphabetical section. I also learned how I could expand my knowledge of this branch of my family by answering the excellent questions Diana raised in Lesson 3; more efficiently organize my findings; and check/record related sources. It was definitely worth the time and effort I invested."

Kathy Bruns
Using City Directories Course

"“I highly recommend Lisa’s courses The Write Stuff: Telling the Story and The Write Stuff II: Advancing the Story. I took both courses, and I think that my writing has improved greatly. Although the class is self-paced, the private Facebook Group allows you to share your work with the teacher and other students. Each time that I posted work in the Facebook group, Lisa gave personalized feedback. Through revision and re-posting, I was able to improve my writing in each assignment based on the feedback. Receiving instructor feedback in a self-paced online course is rare; usually you must pay a lot of money for courses with instructor feedback. Lisa also gave final feedback on my revisions. I found the instructor comments to be very useful. Lisa gave one or two positive comments, then several suggestions for improvement. Lisa’s feedback showed me things that I was blind to that I was doing in my writing and showed me ways to improve.”"

Ann D. Watson, Vermont
The Write Stuff Courses I and II

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Course length and format will vary by instructor. Most courses have video lessons and text materials. Some courses have downloadable handouts  or worksheets and either quizzes, exercises or "do-it-yourself" assignments. Some courses included closed-captioning for videos. Consult the individual course sign-up page for specific details. 

Courses are priced based on content and length. Most courses are $99 or less; higher priced courses include instructor feedback or other special components. Check the individual course sign-up page for details.

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