Beginning Genealogy:

Starting Off Right

with Instructor Cheri Hudson Passey

Learn the basics of beginning your genealogy journey!


Self-Paced Study

There is no required start or end date. Simply log in and begin your course immediately! You can work through the materials and assignments  at a pace that suits your own schedule, experience, and learning style. 

Tips & Techniques

Easy-to-understand lesson materials and short simple [cc] videos will cover how to start, understand terminology, organize your research, avoid common mistakes, and learn what types of records are available and where to find them.

Interactive Learning

Assignments will provide an opportunity to begin the process of building your tree by putting the concepts into action as you move through the course. Interact with your instructor via a designated Facebook Group.

Course Outline

Beginning Genealogy: Starting Off Right

This course offer closed-captioning for all video content.

Welcome Video

Week 1-Starting the Journey

Building Your Tree and Staying Organized

  •  Video-Intro for the week’s lesson (explain how)
  •  Written instructions with Examples (show how)
  •  Homework (do), Due on Friday. 

Week 2-Knowing Where You’re Going

Mapping Out What You Need and Where to Find It.

  • Video- Intro for week’s lesson
  • Written instruction with examples
  • Homework

Week 3-Staying on Track

Working Your Plan and Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Video- Intro for week’s lesson
  • Written instructions and examples
  • Homework 

Week 4- Stopping to Smell the Roses

Understanding Your Discoveries

  • Video- intro of week’s lesson
  • Written Lesson with examples
  • Homework
  • Final Summation Video
  • End of class review

Begin Your Genealogy Journey Today!

Register today and join me on a four-week adventure learning the steps involved in building your family tree. Watch the videos, read the lessons, and then put it all together by completing the homework assignments. Your tree will begin to blossom as you learn the basics of beginning your genealogy journey and make sure you are "Starting Off Right". - Cheri


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