Featured Course: The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey

Applying the Genealogical Proof Standard in your research process is a must for every genealogist.

All levels of experience can benefit from a study of the Genealogical Proof Standard  (GPS).

Whether you are just beginning your genealogy journey or have traveled many miles up your tree, the GPS is a necessary tool to help ensure you are on the correct path to discover your ancestors.

You can learn how to use the GPS in a new course "The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey" taught by professional genealogist Cheri Hudson Passey.

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In The Genealogical Proof Standard-A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey, the 5 Elements of the GPS will be discussed and put into practice. We will talk about what exactly is reasonably exhaustive search, why and how to cite those sources, what it means to analyze and correlate findings, understand what to do with conflicting evidence and how to wrap it all up by writing a sound conclusion. 

This course is self-paced. There are no time limits. Sign up and work on the lessons when they fit into your schedule. 

Although there are no prerequisites for taking this course, it would help if you had:

  1. A basic knowledge of genealogy records such as birth, marriage, death and census records and how to research them.
  2. An understanding of footnotes and endnotes and how to create and place them in a document.
  3. A system to organize and locate the records on your ancestor. Suggestions: Filing cabinet, electronic files, binders, or a genealogy computer program.
  4. A way to record findings, analyze documents, correlate information, and create conclusions. Suggestions are Microsoft Word, the notes section in a genealogy computer program or paper and pencil.
  5. The most essential expectation? The desire to learn and grow.

 We can all learn something new from each other! 

Need more information?

Here’s the outline for the four lessons.

Each includes a video, written lesson, files-  as needed to download for the topic, and optional homework.

Watch as I explain how, read to reinforce, and then do the homework. Assignments will help put into practice the principles taught. There will be no grades, but there will be feedback. An optional private Facebook Group is available for this course. Feel free to post questions, comments, and homework in the group. Alternatively, you are always welcome to email me.

Class Outline

Lesson 1-Reasonably Exhaustive Research

Gathering the Information

 Video- for the week’s lesson

 Written instructions with Examples


Lesson 2-Complete and Accurate Citations

Leaving a Trail to Follow

Video- for week’s lesson

Written instruction with examples


Lesson 3-Analysis, Correlation, and Conflicting Evidence

Taking a Good Look

Video- for week’s lesson

Written instruction and examples


Lesson 4- The Written Conclusion

Summing it Up

Video-for week’s lesson

Written instruction with examples


"No matter your skill level, this is a class for you! By working through each of the essential elements of the Genealogy Proof Standard, it will become a sharpened tool in your genealogy toolbox. Hope to see you in class!" ~ Cheri 

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