Meet the Research Write Connect Instructors: Paula Stuart-Warren

In a series of posts we will introduce the expert instructors of Research, Write, Connect,. Each expert brings knowledge and proven experience in the fields of genealogy or writing along with a passion for teaching others how to research and write about their families.



Paula Stuart-Warren, CG®, FMGS, FUGA is a genealogical and historical researcher, lecturer, writer, and research coach. She is based in Minnesota but research has taken her to locations and repositories across the U.S. She has done presentations on various topics for national, state, and local groups in the U.S., Canada, and on cruise ships. Her specialties include unusual records, analysis, research planning, problem-solving, manuscript and archival repositories, railroads, and Native American genealogy. For ten years, she lived in the Washington, DC area for weeks at a time while researching at the National Archives and other area repositories. She last researched at the Archives in DC at the end of 2019. She has also researched on-site at several of the other NARA locations. Her other extensive experience with federal records has been with microfilmed, digitized, and published material found in other repositories and online. She has written books and many articles about family history and records and is an active volunteer in many organizations. Her contracted research has assisted authors, law firms, television shows, historical societies, and others with projects.

Paula is a course coordinator and instructor at the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, an instructor at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, and an instructor for Ancestry Academy, FamilyTree University, and Legacy Family Tree Webinars. She has served on the boards of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), and Minnesota Genealogical Society. She was the first President of the Northland Chapter of APG. She has received many awards for her work, most recently the 2019 Association of Professional Genealogists Laura G. Prescott Award for Exemplary Service to Professional Genealogy. She is a member of many genealogical and historical organizations. 

Her ancestors came to the U.S. from eight other countries and she has also researched the southern roots of her father-in-law. Sharing the knowledge and experience of her years in genealogy is a vital part of her life which also includes her own continuing education.

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Paula is the instructor for the following courses: 

Researching U.S. Government Records (101).

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