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January Featured Course: Beginning Genealogy

Jan 19, 2022

Did you receive a DNA test kit over the holidays? Or perhaps you spent time with family looking through old photographs and need some help exploring your heritage? 

This month, we are offering our popular beginner's course at 30% off the regular price through January 31st!

Do you have a desire to research your family tree? Want to know from whom you descend and where?

Have you begun your tree but would like to build your research skills?

The desire to discover our ancestors continues to grow in popularity with the addition of online trees, genealogy TV shows, and the popularity of DNA tests.  How do we begin to create our family tree and know we are researching the right lines and adding the right people? How do we know where to look for the information we need and if it is correct? The process can be overwhelming.

Beginning Genealogy -Starting Off Right is a basic introduction to genealogy research.  View the full course information page here.  

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