Featured Course: The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey

Sep 23, 2020

Applying the Genealogical Proof Standard in your research process is a must for every genealogist.

All levels of experience can benefit from a study of the Genealogical Proof Standard  (GPS).

Whether you are just beginning your genealogy journey or have traveled many miles up your tree, the GPS is a necessary tool to help ensure you are on the correct path to discover your ancestors.

You can learn how to use the GPS in a new course "The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey" taught by professional genealogist Cheri Hudson Passey.

View the full course information page here.  

Expert instructor Cheri Passey offers a quick glimpse of what you will learn in this course at Research Write Connect.  Learn more about your instructor here.

In The Genealogical Proof Standard-A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey, the 5 Elements of the GPS will be discussed and put into practice. We will talk about what exactly is reasonably...

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Learn with Us at Research Write Connect

Aug 21, 2020

Are you looking for a way to improve your genealogy research or writing skills? 

Then check out the offerings at Research, Write, Connect, a premiere online educational website.

I started Research, Write, Connect as a way to bring my knowledge and passion for writing and family history to the forefront in a dynamic learning environment. My goal is to help aspiring writers and students by facilitating their journey into the past and connection to the future. You can read our initial press release here.

The academy feature courses in writing and genealogy from expert instructors, including: Lisa Alzo, Diana Crisman Smith, Regina Negrycz, Cheri Passey, and Paula Stuart-Warren. Meet the instructors.

More instructors will be joining our team soon!

For announcements of new courses and special discounts, be sure to sign up for the Research Write Connect newsletter. 
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