The Genealogical Proof Standard: A Guide for Your Genealogical Journey

with Cheri Hudson Passey

The Genealogical Proof Standard is a necessary tool to help ensure you are on the correct path to discover your ancestors. Learn how to put the GPS into practice.


Benefits of this Course

Self-Paced Study

There is no required start or end date. Simply log in and begin your course immediately! You can work through the materials and assignments  at a pace that suits your own schedule, experience, and learning style. 

Tips & Techniques

Easy-to-understand lesson materials and short simple videos will cover the basics of how to understand the five core principles of the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)  and apply it when researching your own family.

Interactive Learning

Assignments will provide an opportunity to begin the process of building your tree by putting the concepts into action as you move through the course. Interact with your instructor via a designated Facebook Group.

Are you intimidated by the Genealogical Proof Standard?
  Wonder if it’s something you need to use if you are not a professional researcher?
In this four-lesson self-paced class, you will learn why every genealogist should learn to use and apply the 5 elements of the GPS.
Register now and get started learning and practicing how the GPS is a fundamental “Guide for Your Genealogy Journey.”



Course Outline

The Genealogical Proof Standard-A Guide for Your Genealogy Journey

Class Outline

Week 1-Reasonably Exhaustive Research
Gathering the Information
  • Video- for the week’s lesson (explain how)
  • Written instructions with examples (show how)
  • Homework (do) 
Week 2-Complete and Accurate Citations
Leaving a Trail to Follow
  • Video- for week’s lesson
  • Written instruction with examples
  • Homework
Week 3-Analysis, Correlation, and Conflicting Evidence
Taking a Good Look
  • Video- for week’s lesson
  • Written instructions and examples
  • Homework 
Week 4- The Written Conclusion
Summing it Up
  • Video-for week’s lesson
  • Written Lesson with examples
  • Homework

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and learn how to use the GPS to find the correct path back to your ancestors.


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