About Us

The Research Write Connect Academy is designed to help students of all ages and experience levels jumpstart and advance their skills in writing and genealogy research. For over two decades, its creator, author and instructor Lisa A. Alzo, has been educating and inspiring genealogists around the world to research and write about their ancestors. With more than 30 years' experience as a researcher and possessing an MFA degree in creative nonfiction writing, Lisa brings a unique expertise shared through her articles, books, and presentations.

Our broad curriculum offers both independent study courses and self-paced courses from experts, with opportunity for meaningful discussion and feedback with each coach/instructor and fellow participants/classmates. All in an intimidation-free environment.

Our courses consist of easy-to-follow lessons, instructional videos, weekly assignments or exercises and worksheets, and helpful tools and resources. And the best part is since it is self-paced, there are no set dates and you can begin the course whenever it is convenient for you!

The Research, Write, Connect Academy was created to allow for a dynamic learning experience for genealogists, family historians, and aspiring writers and students by facilitating their journey into the past and connection to the future.

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