The Write Stuff: Telling the Story (Homeschool)

Learn the skills to finally go from blank page to shareable personal or family stories.


Build Writing Skills

Students will learn writing skills and techniques to produce a quality personal or family history narrative. With assignments, they will build on the skills each week.

Begin Immediately

Students can work at their own pace. Complete small assignments to help boost  confidence and overcome fears and anxiety about writing.

Get Feedback

Students will receive constructive and helpful feedback to find their voice and improve with each assignment.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course today, your student will learn the key steps for producing a quality personal or family history narrative from outline to finished product. No matter their experience level, students will build skills each week find success.

We’ll teach your student how to jumpstart a writing project through goal-setting and “storyboarding” and how to build writing skills, and confidence as a writer. We'll provide helpful tips, checklists, and worksheets to help keep the student on track.

Through instructional videos, weekly assignments, and collaboration with other participants, students will dig deeper each week to engage the writer within. Finally, we'll show you how to perfect the nonfiction writing techniques students can use to produce a personal or family history narrative.

There are no start and end dates.

Course materials are organized into weekly lessons and assignments.

Here's the breakdown week by week:

  • Week 1 - Setting Writing Goals
  • Week 2 - Plot, Plan, and Scheme: Storyboard Your Family History Project
  • Week 3 - Tap into Family Treasures
  • Week 4 - Character Development through Oral History and Profile
  • Week 5 - Shaping Your Story Using Plot and Structure

Say Goodbye to the Blank Page!

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